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Acrobatic Juggling Comedy

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   The Show

Duo ComicCasa

Herman & Henriette, two cleaners who work mainly behind the scenes, are surprised by the audience.

After the first shock, they realise that they even enjoy being in the limelight and creating a grandiose circus show with everyday objects.

The two sympathetic, crazy characters Herman & Henriette, with their unique style of physical theater and acrobatics, create an atmosphere in which nothing is impossible.

A show with a lot of humour, charm and surprises.

(Acrobatic juggling comedy show with audience participation.)


The Daredevil Plunger Throwing Act!

Length : 45m' or 25m'


 With a unique style of physical theater ,Acrobatics and Everyday objects...

we create the atmosphere that…  “NOTHING IS ...                IS IMPOSSIBLE”.

 Circus Variety 

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